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How to Care for your Jewelry in the Summer

Sun, sand, salt, chlorine, lotions, even perspiration can take their toll on metals and stones.

It is advised that you avoid contact to chlorine at all costs.  Not only will it change the sheen and finish, it has corrosive properties that can contribute to the breakdown of precious metals and stones.

Saltwater can be just as damaging, particularly to porous stones and copper.

Sand, which is comprised on silica, is the same substance used to make glass.  It can cause scratching and abrasions to metals and stones.  

When it's hot, you're going to perspire.  No way around it. Sweat plus metal don't go well together.  Sterling silver can turn black from exposure to natural body oils. 

We are happy to report that getting sunscreen on your jewelry is nothing to fret about.  It's gentle enough to apply to your skin and won't cause long-term damage to Sterling Silver or stones.  However, if you are wearing our string or thread bracelets, sunscreen can have an effect on their integrity, so apply, let it seep into the skin, then put on you bracelets. 

And one final warning.  Cold water makes your fingers shrink, so remove your prized possessions before diving in.

Happy Sunning!


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